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History of our wine heritage

On the shores of the Mediterranean Sea in France lives a wine-making family who runs a vineyard with 250 acres of grapes, located at the Domaine de la Coupe in Narbonne, whose main building was built in the year 750, in Septimania.

This beautiful property inherited from their great grand parents gives Bernard the values and know-how of wine-making, but also of land management.

Winegrowing has been a real family passion for 7 generations.

In their childhood Bernard and his brother José help their young father and their grandfather working the vines.

They perpetuate an ancient culture known as gobelets and have planted emblematic grape varieties from the south of France, such as Grenache Carignan, Cinsault, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay.

Bernard loves nature and land, but he has a second passion and it is "to treat human beings".
He studied at the School of Medicine in Montpellier, to the delight of his parents.
Bernard and Martine love nature, land and vines. In 1998, they visited the United States for the first time where their children pursued studies and graduated from American universities. Both children became american and grand children followed.

Flatwoods, Kentucky, an adorable American town on the banks of the mythical Ohio River had land for sale.

Call it chance or destiny but "a dream was born"... Bernard planted his first grape variety in 2021 and the winegrower family story continues on this beautiful continent.

Let's share our wine family history together and gather around a tasting glass, shall we ?

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