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General Rules and Regulations 

It is the intent of the golf course to limit rules and regulations to the minimum required for the mutual enjoyment of the golf course by all customers. The obligation of enforcing rules for the good of all is placed primarily in the hands of management. Management reserves the right to alter rules as deemed necessary. 

Golf course management is authorized to determine when the golf course is suitable for play. Course maintenance must often continue during golf hours. Please be understanding when this situation occurs. 

Course rangers (player assistants) are responsible for the pace of play and the golfers care of the course. 

The staff supervise all play and use of the golf course, practice range, practice and putting areas.

Members are responsible for their actions as well as their guests' actions while on golf course property. It is the responsibility of the Member to report rule violations to the golf course staff. 


Alcoholic beverages are not permitted on the property and will be for as long as the county remains dry by statutory law. Glass bottles are not allowed on the course. Personal coolers are not permitted on golf course property for liability reasons. Paper and metal containers and other trash are to be deposited in trash containers. 


The clubhouse and golf course is a No Smoking facility. 


Dress Code

Please help to avoid embarrassing situations by conforming to the dress code. Please inform the golf course staff of violations. Management reserves the right to deem any attire to be inappropriate for golf. 

Men - no denim, cut off shorts, bathing suits or tank tops may be worn while using the golf facilities. A collared shirt is required at all times 

Women - No denim, cut off shorts, bathing suits or halter tops may be worn while using the golf facilities 

Footwear - Metal spikes are prohibited. Any footwear that is not golf shoes must be approved by the golf course staff.


Starting Times 

Starting times are required for all play. 

We reserve the right to pair individuals and groups up to a foursome. 

Players who do not make tee time do not have any privilege to tee off unless they are filled in by the golf course staff. 

Players who miss their starting time forfeit their tee position. 

Automatically reserving a tee time is not permitted. 

If you must cancel a tee time, please do so online. Consistent failure to do so is a violation of golf course rules and may result in a suspension. 

Starting times may be delayed or canceled due to frost. 


Practice Rules

All practice will be confined to the practice areas. Practice is not permitted on the golf course. Chipping to the greens (practice putting green included) is not permitted. 

Only the golf course staff is allowed on the range beyond the tee. 

All practice balls shall be obtained through the golf shop. No privately owned balls are permitted on the practice range. 

Range balls are restricted to the practice range. Anyone found with practice range balls on the course will have their privileges revoked for 30 days. Please do not save range balls for future use. When finished practicing, leave leftover range balls at the practice area or return them to the golf shop. 

Playing Rules

All players must register online prior to playing. 

All play will start on #1 tee unless designated otherwise by the golf course staff. 

No skipping holes or cutting in front of groups unless approved by the golf course staff.


Pull Carts and Carry Bags 

Keep pull carts more than ten feet from the tee boxes and away from the mounds, fringes, greens, and bunkers. Use designated entrances and exits located at tees and greens. 

Keep carry bags off all fringes, greens, and tee boxes. 


Golf Carts 

Only carts rented from the golf course are permitted on the golf course. After use, you must plug the golf cart to charge. 

Carts are not permitted in heavily wooded areas, hazards, near greens or tee boxes except on cart paths, or in any native grass area. Observe rules listed on the cart and the signs located on the golf course. 

  • 90 degree rule should be used when cart traffic is permitted onto the course. 

  • No more than 2 riders per cart. 

  • No children under the age of sixteen are permitted use of a golf cart. 

  • All cart damage is the responsibility of the renter and must be reported to the golf course staff. 

  • No hitchhiker riding. You must pay for the use of a cart. 

Anyone discovered riding in a golf cart that has more than 2 riders is subject to removal from the course, suspension from the facility, and no refunds given. 

Pace of Play Policy 

Being out of position is when a group is not directly behind the group in front of them. This policy is in force to assure proper pace of play and the enjoyment for all golfers playing at the French Oaks.

1st offense for being out of position: A warning will be issued and the group will be asked to catch up to the group in front of them 21 offense for being out of position: Another warning will be issued and the group will again be asked to catch up to the group in front of them 3° offense for being out of position: After 2 warnings, the group will be asked to skip a hole to return to their proper position on the course 4"" offense for being out of position: The group will be asked to return at a time more suited to their pace of play.

Golf Course Access

For course maintenance and/or during winter period, Golf Course management reserves the right to temporarily close the facility, as posted at the clubhouse.

Management also reserves the right to temporarily close all or part of the facility, particularly during the Work period, as a result of bad weather, occasionally for special events (tournaments, ceremonies, administrative closure, pandemy etc.), in cases of force majeure or because of staff leave.

These closures do not give a right to partial nor full reimbursement or refund.


Golf schedules may vary depending on the season and are permanently displayed at the entrance of the

clubhouse and on the Golf's website. Access to the course and use of the facilities are only possible on opening days and hours.


The golf course staff is not responsible for out of hours players/visitors.

In any case, any incident taking place within the golf course property limit outside the opening hours would be the sole responsibility of the player/visitor.

Proof of insurance. Access to the golf facilities is reserved for golfers holding an insurance covering their liability in connection with the practice of golf in the United States.



It is forbidden for anyone unfamiliar with the game to enter the course and the driving range except upon authorization from the golf course management.

The safety measures to avoid incidents are as follows:

Everyone is responsible for their shots. In no case may a player play a putting green when the flagstick is not in position, whether due to golfers or maintenance staff (as part of mowing or changing flags). Players are asked to pay particular attention to the safety of golf course staff when they are maintaining the course. The golf course staff reserves the right to monitor the progress of a game or determine the minimum wait necessary for a mowing or staff action to take place.


  • Players should always alert golf course staff who are near or in front of them when they are going to play a shot that could endanger them.

  • For the safety of local residents and walkers, you must remain in control of the trajectory of your

  • shots on the holes along the residential areas and read all signs giving information or instructions.

  • In the event of a ball ending up with local residents: you must notify the golf course staff. 

  • Grass is subject to special care, so it is mandatory to play in delimited spaces.

  • It is forbidden to enter the boundary of private properties and neighboring rentals, regardless of whatever the reasons, under penalty of prosecution.

  • If your ball takes a dangerous trajectory towards third parties or an invisible area, you must warn the other players by shouting loudly: BALL

  • Never place yourself at the same level or beyond the striking line of a playing partner.

  • Never go for a ball until the players in your game have made their move.

  • Always wait until the players in front are out of range of your best potential shot.

  • Notify the golf reception in the event of any danger or the presence of a non-player on the course.

  • Dogs are not accepted.


Respecting Property and People 

Any damage to buildings/infrastructures/facilities and any damage caused to golf staff may lead to compensation from its originator and a penalty, in accordance with the provisions of local applicable laws.

All users of the facilities must ensure the safety of all. The French Oaks golf course and its Operating Company Terralogy, LLC are not responsible for any incidents that may occur, in particular due to the practice of golf, the misuse of equipment and facilities.

Loss and Theft

Terralogy declines all responsibility in the event of theft or loss of objects or clothing located in the clubhouse, on the golf course, including the driving ranges, trolleys and vehicles parked on the golf course parking area. Golf courses will also not be able to be held responsible in the event of damage to parked vehicles.

Rules, Enforcement and Suspensions 

The golf course staff will advise and be consulted on the rules of the course. Enforcement of rules/policies is left to management. 

Anyone found to be in violation of the club rules will be warned verbally for the first offense. A second offense will result in a written acknowledgement of the event to be kept on file. Any subsequent violations will result in being suspended from the facility for 30 days. If later, upon reactivation of privileges, another violation occurs the person will be banned for 1 year. 

Any violation deemed "major" by management may result in an immediate ban from the facility. 

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