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Dress Code

Dress code and ethics


Must wear proper golf attire. Shirts with a collar and turtlenecks pants, long shorts. Neat and adapted polo shirts. Tank tops and soiled blue jeans are not accepted.



Pants, skirts or shorts of a suitable length, blouses and tops for playing golf.  T-shirts, blue jeans or sweatpants are not accepted.


Golf is a very complex sport, both technically and in its rules of play. And so ethics, that is to say the rules that govern the behavior of golfers on the golf course must be followed. These rules are all the more important as we cover a great distance repeating the same gestures several times which, if they are done in the wrong way, could have many impacts, and in particular on time. Respect for the internal regulations that govern golf and cart reservations.

Inside the clubhouse

French Oaks Restaurant

Proper attire required for ladies and gentlemen. Suitable clothing for a French Restaurant consists of classic pants or impeccable, well-fitted pants, a collared shirt and ideally a suit-like jacket. Men cannot wear a head cover, only ladies can, and it's so chic!

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