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Why Flatwoods, Kentucky ? 
The owners answer...

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For more than 20 years, we have been looking to acquire a vineyard, in France or in the north of Spain (Catalonia), to enlarge our vineyard, located in Languedoc, a region in the south of France.


After visiting hundreds of vineyards and forests, and a multitude of unsuccessful purchase attempts, we decided, just at the start of the Covid 19 confinement period, in March 2020, to research land in the United States, all of our children and grandchildren being American.


After 48 hours of research, we saw an ad of buildings for sale in Kentucky with 569 acres of forest. We quickly realized that it was an abandoned golf course. Impossible to visit it, because there was no possibility of entering American territory, given the Covid 19 situation.


We very quickly made the decision to buy it, without seeing it, on the only condition with the mayor of Flatwoods, to be able to plant vines and make wine in Kentucky.


When we visited the site for the first time, over Christmas 2021, (18 months after our purchase), we found the golf course beautiful, surrounded by nature with beautiful wildlife,.


We decided to renovate and rehabilitate the golf course. At the same time, we are achieving our main objective, by gradually planting vines each year because we have to train local people in winegrowing and winemaking practices. Is this destiny or an inevitable consequence of our family history?

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