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French Oaks Restaurant


We have met them they are wonderful


The French Oaks restaurant originates from the owner: Martine's father, Guy Duzer.
Guy at the age of 14, driven by his culinary passion, became a kitchen assistant in a large French restaurant located on the Catalan Riviera on the edge of the Pyrenees, next to the Spanish border.

Guy has developed his culinary instincts with recognized chefs and has become the best in the art of traditional cooking.

Guy loved meeting the farmers and handpicking sustainably grown produce to simmer them with local spices.
The dishes at the french oaks restaurant are influenced by French and Spanish Mediterranean cuisine while respecting ancestral traditions.
At the time of the Second World War, Martine's father wanted to defend his country and joined the army. He ended up waging many wars from Africa to Asia and became a French veteran.
After the Normandy landings, the French will remain very close and grateful to the United States as a whole country.

The French Oaks restaurant is a glimpse of sharing and reproducing his work, flavors, aromas and culinary passion that he would have liked to share with you.

The French Oaks restaurant presents delicious gourmet recipes and offers traditional dishes to share over a cozy and unforgettable moment...

Coming soon upon reservation only in Flatwoods, KY.

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